Saturday, May 10, 2008

flatbread pizza (my take on Lyn's)

flatbread pizza (my take on Lyn's)
flatbread pizza
Not sure why I could never come up with something like this. Well, it's probably because I'm no good in the kitchen. My meals consist of anything I can just stick in a pan and heat up. Lyn (florspace) showed us a simple pizza-deal like this awhile ago and I finally did it myself. It was so easy and so good that I could happily make it every day.
Here's what I used, and in the order I used it:

-flatbread (this one was from Target for $4)
-chunky mushroom Ragu (the more mushrooms I can have, the better)
-deli thin mozzarella slices
-thinly sliced fresh mushrooms
-grilled chicken, cut into small pieces
-shredded mozzarella to top it all off

Then I had no idea how long to cook it so this was a guess:
20 minutes at 450
I'd say it took about 18 minutes, but that extra 2 would have been fine, I was just starving and drooling.

This made enough for my husband and me, we cut it into 6 pieces for easier eating.

I was so proud of myself that I immediately grabbed the camera as I was making it. Look, I cooked something!