Monday, September 24, 2007

Over 2 months??

I'm a bad, bad blogger. Haven't had much to say, really.
Had an anniversary (1 year!), received my 2 (yes 2) cases of JLed Finders Keepers (see post below), made $250 at my mom's garage sale last weekend, that's about it.

I have 2 swaps to put together and send very soon, one is Halloween and the other is Apples, they're both from a group on Flickr. I can't wait for these because I've only done one swap, and these have 3 swap-partners each! I need to get crackin on the little felt ornaments I'm sending with the swaps.

Been wanting to take pictures of new goodies I've bought for Halloween, I suppose I'll just wait until I decorate now. I think I'll start tonight because all my new things are calling to me!

Here's my Skull paper set for work. I'm kinda disappointed in the the quality we're getting but I can't do much about it. (pictures courtesy of OTC's website)